Join in and be part of exhibitions in Japan and Dusseldorf!

24 Hours

Do you have a photo for us that fits the "24 Hours" theme? Then send it in. Your photo will be shown in two exhibitions, one in Japan and one in Dusseldorf. Many moments and events happen during the course of a day that are worth keeping. Your day, your impressions, your snapshots. The theme sets no limits. These photography exhibitions have long enjoyed cult status in Japan, where each year thousands of people enter photos and take pride in being part of a huge community through their pictures. For the first time this year, all Fujifilm employees in Europe are invited to participate in this photo exhibition. So join in and be part of something big. We're looking forward to your uploads!

Step 1: UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO ON THE "24 Hours" THEME - we'll take care of the rest.

Step 2: In June 2017 all uploaded pictures will be included in a public exhibition in Japan.
Step 3: All pictures will be shown together with the "Erik Kessels & Friends" exhibition at the NRW Forum in Dusseldorf. Along with the exhibition by Erik Kessels, an important Dutch artist and collector, all pictures will be shown in a separate exhibit from 10 August to 10 September 2017.
Step 4: In addition, we'll hold a drawing for tickets to the NRW Forum exhibition among all entrants.

Conditions of participation   entry deadline: 20th May 2017

It's all about being there – Japan's popular "Photo Is" concept comes to Europe

Total cult – that's "Photo Is" in Japan. Participants shoot photos on a given theme like "Trains" or "Retro", attach them to a purpose-made frame with information on the picture and the photographer, and then send them in to Fujifilm. There, the pictures are distributed for public viewing at many different locations. Over the last ten years well over 230,000 photos have been exhibited at 32 sites throughout Japan, and the trend shows no sign of abating. It's fun to enter your own pictures and be part of a huge photo exhibit for everyone.

24 HRS IN PHOTOS – by Erik Kessels

If you were to print out all the images that are uploaded to social networks in just one day, you would end up with a huge mountain of photos. Erik Kessels stages this flood of images in his "24 Hrs In Photos" exhibition at the NRW Forum.

For more information about Erik Kessels and the exhibition go to