Deadline is over

We are sorry but the application deadline is over. You are not able to upload any photos anymore. Thank you for your interest in taking part.

Conditions of participation for the FUJIFILM inspire printing photo campaign
1. By uploading an image the participant declares his or her willingness to take part in the FUJIFILM inspire printing photo campaign according to the conditions stated below. The participant may upload to the FUJIFILM website a digital photo taken by him or her on any subject. The photo will be printed by FUJIFILM at its cost and sent to an exhibition in Tokyo organised by FUJIFILM Corporation. The photograph will also be shown at an exhibition in the NRW-Forum Dusseldorf. However, the participant does not have an entitlement to exhibition of the photograph. FUJIFILM retains the right to not exhibit photographs it deems unsuitable or offensive. FUJIFILM has no obligation to inform the participant of this.

2. The uploaded image must be in JPEG file format having at least 1,800 × 1,200 pixels (150 dpi) with a maximum file size of 22 megabytes (MB). When uploading, the participant must give his or her name, country and the title of the image. The submitted photograph will be exhibited only together with the image title and the full name of the participant.

3. By uploading an image the participant irrevocably transfers to FUJIFILM Europe GmbH and its associated companies including FUJIFILM Corporation, as well as NRW-Forum Dusseldorf, simple usage rights without time or geographical limitation for the exhibition and associated PR activities. This includes in particular the publication, reproduction, illustration and publishing of the photograph for the purpose of own advertising and presentation of FUJIFILM and NRW-Forum. This consent includes specifically the use of the submitted photograph for
a) presentation in the exhibitions in Japan and Germany organised by FUJIFILM,
b) illustration in publications and press reporting in media on the campaign and the exhibitions and
c) information in the FUJIFILM intranet and social networks, as well as the website and social networks of NRW-Forum Dusseldorf.
Any further use, including commercial use, shall require separate consent by the participant.

4. By uploading one photograph the participant confirms that he or she is the creator of the uploaded photograph and has unlimited copyright and usage rights to it, and that the photograph do not infringe on applicable laws or third party rights, in particular personal rights of people shown in the photograph. The participant further declares that all persons recognisably shown in the photograph consent to the use of said photograph in the campaign. The participant shall hold FUJIFILM, its associated companies and NRW-Forum Dusseldorf gGmbH harmless with respect to any third-party claims arising from and in connection with the use of the photograph in the campaign, regardless of legal basis.

5. The participant declares his or her consent to receiving no compensation or fee for the provision of the photograph.

6. Recourse to legal action is excluded.